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Setting Hotel HVAC units for constant fan.

Why? White noise, And it is much less sleep disturbing when the unit cycles on and off

PLEASE be sure you set the unit back the way you found it when you are done.


Setting for Constant Fan Amana PTHP

To enter configuration feature mode:
Press and continue to hold the up and down arrow keys and quickly press the OFF key twice within a two (2) second time frame
The display will alternate between displaying the feature code C1 and the option code 0 (factory default setting)The lower right dot on the display will flash.
Press either the up or down arrow key.
To select a configuration feature code other than C1, press the HEAT key until the desired configuration comes up.
To scroll to a previously viewed configuration codes press the COOL key.
Once you have scrolled to the correct feature, then to select the option code for your desired configuration, press either the up or down key to scroll through the options of the selected feature code.

To exit configuration mode
Press the OFF key. Configuration feature mode will also exit if no keys are pressed for a period of two (2) minutes.

For constant fan you will need to change Option C2 to "On"


Interface Mode








Fan Operation


The fan only runs with a call for heating or cooling


The Fan runs continuously except in the off position


The Fan runs continuously in Cooling mode and cycles with call for heating


The unit is equipped with a fan operation button for guest selection of FAN cycling


The unit is equipped with a fan operation button but self reverts to cyclic fan


The unit is equipped with a fan operation button but self reverts to continuous fan


The Fan runs continuously , even on OFF mode





Here is the full configuration page Amana PTHP_2.pdf


Dip Switch #2: Slide down for Constant Fan